Specialists at the AZIMUT Health Solnechniy Medical Center use the method to treat the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, in the fight against excess weight and in aesthetic cosmetology. 

Microinjections of carbon dioxide are injected under the skin, into the area of spasming muscles, joints, and local fat deposits. An active blood flow enters the problem area, which nourishes the tissues and triggers their restoration. The visible effect is achieved after the first session, and after the course it lasts for more than six months. 

Effect of a course of procedures: 

  • improving blood circulation 
  • increasing cellular metabolism 
  • restoration of natural regeneration
  • activation of collagen and elastane synthesis
  • increasing skin tone and elasticity
  • pain relief 
  • reduction of cellulite 
  • recovery from injuries

+7 (86141) 6-51-88 – medical center.

Not only guests of the sanatorium, but also guests of the Kabardinka resort can use the services of the AZIMUT Health Solnechniy medical center.