During the procedures, the body is affected by several factors at once: the mechanical influence of water, its temperature and composition. As a result of balneotherapy, changes in metabolism and the functioning of the immune, cardiovascular and other body systems are observed in the human body. Sessions improve the body's adaptation to environmental conditions and contribute to the formation of greater resistance to diseases and stress.

  • Bishofite (or iodine-bromine)
  • Medicinal with lavender, sage or eucalyptus
  • Therapeutic hydromassage "Biolong"
  • Air-bubble “Coniferous-pearl”
  • Hydromassage “Chestnut”
  • Hydromassage “Juniper”
  • Hydromassage "Biotonus"
  • Hydromassage with naphthalan
  • Hydromassage with leech extract
  • Aroma baths “Cleopatra” with salt milk-vanilla
  • Aroma baths “Crimean rose” with wine salt
  • Aroma baths “Honey”
  • Bishofite whirlpool baths for hands and feet

Hydrotherapy increases the body's protective and restorative powers, helps adapt to changes in the external environment, and promotes the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Hydrotherapy procedures are very effective for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and nervous system, and are also indispensable for body shaping.

Therapeutic baths and other water treatment methods are used both as an independent type of therapy and in combination with other therapeutic and preventive measures.

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