Facial massage – This is a good way to eliminate skin defects without injections or surgery. This technique is based only on manual techniques that affect the facial muscles, deep layers of the dermis and fluid environments.

It allows you to emphasize the oval of the face and beautiful contours. Correct, technical impact on the skin surface allows you to cope with such cosmetic imperfections as enlarged pores, acne, sagging and other imperfections.

After a course of procedures, a complex effect is achieved, which includes, among other things, a decrease in the activity of the sebaceous glands, elimination of swelling and a number of age-related changes.

With classic massage you can also:

  • smooth and reduce the visual appearance of wrinkle lines
  • reduce fluid stagnation in tissues
  • stimulate microcirculation
  • make the skin surface smoother and more even

At the AZIMUT Health Zelenyi Gai medical center you can sign up for a massage of the face, neck and décolleté.

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