In the sanatorium, the path to its own equipped pebble beach passes through a picturesque path, 350 meters long (or 400 steps). Walking is used in medical practice to improve the health of the body and prevent many diseases.

A special name has appeared for this type of load – "terrain kur". The method of healing by walking began to be mastered in the mid-19th century, and doctors of those times discovered that walking in a mountain climate had a positive effect on the health of patients. First of all, the health path has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

In addition, considering that our health path takes place in picturesque places, among trees and overlooking the Black Sea, such activities are beneficial for the nervous system. On the way to the beach of the sanatorium, you can rest in the gazebo and enjoy the natural landscape.

Let us summarize the beneficial properties of the health path:
  • Development of endurance
  • Increasing human motor activity
  • Strengthening the muscles of the legs and back when moving up
  • Saturation of the body with oxygen
  • Visual activity with natural light
  • Psycho-emotional recovery from physical activity and the surrounding nature
  • Preservation of cognitive function in older people

Our “Path of Health” will help you strengthen your body, appreciate the beauty of nature and the freshness of the sea breeze, improve your metabolism and mood.