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The Ivushka Health Resort lies in the Loo resort area near the Great Sochi at the Black Sea coast. Because the Loo area is not as heavily populated as other Sochi districts, the sea water here is substantially cleaner, the air contains more oxygen and reach in phytoncide. The health resort was specifically designed with family recreation in mind.

Loo is situated in the sub-tropic zone. UV radiation here is very mild. For example, the annual solar radiation along the Red Sea coast is approx 2,000 units, in the Northern Europe it is around 900 units, and on the Black Sea it is approx. 1,200 units. Even at the relatively safe Mediterranean Sea this figure is 1,500 units, which is still excessive for an unprotected human body. The sun here is your best friend, it warms you up but does not burn, it shines but does not blind you. The resort has a private fine pebble beach.

It is a well-known fact that the sunshine is beneficial for teeth, bones and hormone system. Sun induces vitamin D synthesis in the human body, and as the blood circulation improves, sunshine makes us feel healthy, rejuvenated and happy. The sun helps to heal acne and psoriasis. The healing effects of the sun helps to fight a variety of chronic diseases of bronchi and acute respiratory infections; direct sunlight speeds up metabolic processes. Exposing skin to the sunlight induces photo-chemical reactions and eliminating pathogenic bacteria.

Ivushka’s medical center specializes in treatment of heart, blood vessels and nervous system disorders, musculoskeletal system and respiratory system diseases. The treatment cost is already included in resort holiday package deal. A spa complex with sauna, massage and a beauty salon are at your disposal. The resort area covers 2.5 ha. The walking trails wind through the park's wildlands, free Wi-Fi covers the entire park territory. Sochi is only 16 kilometers away. There is a fee parking for those traveling by car. The resort achieved 3 star rating.

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+7 (862) 252 83 73 Служба приема и размещения гостей
+7 (800) 200 40 46 Служба бронирования
+7 (938) 439 79 35 Служба бронирования
+7 (862) 444 07 16 Отдел продаж