The AZIMUT Bonus Loyalty Program (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”) was created by AZIMUT Hotels Company, LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “AZIMUT Hotels Company”) in order to ensure that customers and guests of the accommodation facilities of the AZIMUT Hotels chain participating in the Program (hereinafter referred to as the “Hotels” as specified in the “Definitions” section) could enjoy the Privileges (described below) during their stay at the AZIMUT Hotels chain, participating in the Program, as well as with the Program Partners.

Registration in the AZIMUT Bonus program as well as becoming its Members (i.e., the persons approved as Members by the AZIMUT Hotels Company) can only be persons who are considered to be of legal age both in their country of residence and in the Russian Federation, and if the loyalty program is not prohibited by the laws of the Member's country of residence. Legal entities shall not be allowed to register in the AZIMUT Bonus program. Such membership, participation in the Program shall be recognized as invalid.

The Program has no predetermined termination date and may continue until the AZIMUT Hotels Company decides to terminate the Program at any time with or without prior notice. To accumulate bonus points and exchange for the desired reward, the Members will have twelve months from the date of the Program end announcement. This means that regardless of the Member’s degree of participation in the Program, his / her right to accumulate bonus points and qualify for rewards may be canceled by the AZIMUT Hotels Company after twelve months from the date of the announcement by the AZIMUT Hotels Company of the Program end.

The AZIMUT Hotels Company shall reserve the right to add, change, remove or otherwise modify any rules, procedures, conditions, benefits or rewards related to the Program at its sole discretion with or without prior notice, even though such changes may affect the value of accrued Reward Points, Certificates or Reward Evidences.


AZIMUT Bonus Points: Points that are awarded to the Program Participant in accordance with the established scale given in paragraph 4.5 of the Program based on the results of his stay at the Hotel participating in the Program, or the use of the Program Partner's service, or as part of a special offer or promotion to promote a product or service, providing for receiving points. Program Member/Program Participant: A Client who has accepted the General Terms of Use of the Program.

Program Member / Program Participant: The Client who has accepted the General Terms of Use of the Program.

Client: an individual who is not a Program Participant, who has paid for the accommodation at the Hotel independently.

Countable Night: The night within the scope of the Program Participant's stay at the Participating Hotel in the Program. The accumulation of such nights shall allow the Participant to receive one of the Program Statuses in accordance with the scale given in paragraph 5 of the Program. Only nights of stay at the Participating Hotel in the Program, booked through one of the Points earning channels and at the Nights earning rate as set out in paragraph 4.3 of the Program below will count.

Day Use: Booking a room at the Hotel for daytime use only, when check-in and check-out are on the same day during daylight hours.

Adjustment: crediting or making changes to the number of Points due to a complaint by a Program Participant or an error in the program that was identified by the Administrator independently.

Hotels: accommodation facilities of the AZIMUT Hotels chain, namely: hotels, inns operating under the AZIMUT brand and using the AZIMUT trademarks on the basis of licensed (sublicensed) agreements, commercial concession agreements, sanatoriums - branches of the OJSCo ‘RZD-ZDOROVIE”, as well as other hotels, inns, brands that have joined the Program.

Partner: a company that does not operate under one of the brands of the AZIMUT Hotels chain, but participates in the Program through one of the two listed methods: accrual of AZIMUT Bonus points to Program Participants when paying for goods or services of the company; and / or providing the opportunity to convert AZIMUT Bonus points in accordance with their own loyalty program scheme, and vice versa. Partners shall be able to operate in sectors such as transport, leisure and entertainment, trade, tourism, and so on.

Privileges: certain services provided to the Program Participant within the Program framework, subject to booking a stay through the sales channels of the AZIMUT Hotels chain, provided for in paragraph 4.1. of the Programs.

Check-in at the hotel: the date of arrival at the Hotel and check-in.

Check-out from the hotel: the date of departure from the Hotel and check-in.

Status: a membership level that is assigned according to the number of Countable Nights or Points earned by a Program Member during a given period. The Status shall determine (i) the benefits a Program Member receives at a Participating Hotel in the Program and (ii) the multiplier used to earn Points.

Transaction: accrual or withdrawal of Points from/to the Participant's account.


Hotels, with the exception of hotels, hotels operating under the A-Hotel brand.

If an accommodation facility (hotel, hotels, etc.) or a brand joins the AZIMUT Hotels chain, Program Participants will be able to earn Points and use the Program Privileges in such accommodation facility only during their stays, after the date of its official joining to the AZIMUT Hotels chain or after the commencement of participation of such accommodation in the Program.

If the Hotel leaves the AZIMUT Hotels chain or terminates its participation in the Program after the Program Participant has booked a room, accommodation in it, but before his actual arrival at the Hotel, then the Program Participant:

- shall not earn Points and will not be able to use preferential services and other Privileges corresponding to his Status in such a Hotel;
- shall not be able to take advantage of special promotions in which such a Hotel took part;
- in the appropriate case, the Program Participant will be refunded the Points used to pay for the reservation, and he will be required to pay the Hotel the amount corresponding to the cost of this category of room in this Hotel on the relevant date.


1.1. Program Participation Terms

Any natural person who is able to have, acquire and exercise civil rights and create, bear and fulfill civil obligations in full (possessing full civil legal capacity and legal capacity) can become a Program Participant, both in accordance with the legislation of the Participant's country of residence, and in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation.

Participation in the Program shall be free of charge.

The participation shall be confirmed by the number of the Program Participant, which is provided in electronic form and / or on a physical medium, depending on the Status or at the option of the Program Participant. Regardless of the form in which the membership card is provided, it is nominal and strictly personal. The card cannot be sold, donated, leased, assigned, and no other civil law transactions can be made with it. The card shall not be a means of payment and does not guarantee the booking. The personal account shall display the Program Participant Name, Individual Identification Number, Membership Status Expiration Date (for information about Silver, Gold and Platinum Statuses, see paragraph 5 of the Program), booking history, the current balance of points of the Program Member. Each Participant can own only one AZIMUT Bonus card.

The Card can only be used by the Program Participant, for whom it is issued.

In order to join the Program, you one should have a valid personal email address. Two or more Program Participants may not use the same email address. By becoming a Program Participant, the Client shall agree to receive electronic messages about the Program services, including messages about the Points balance, information about managing a personal account on the site and any other informational messages. If the Client no longer wishes to receive such messages, which are an integral part of the Program, he / she shall request his/ her exclusion from the Program in accordance with paragraph 10.1 of the Program.

The Program Participants shall agree that its terms and conditions may be completely or partially amended at any time. The amendments that may significantly change the rights and obligations of the Program Participants under the Program will be notified to the Program Participants within a reasonable time before the changes take effect, through the publication of information on the website and / or by e-mail. Program Participants shall retain the option to cancel their membership in accordance with paragraph 10.1. Programs. Participation in the Program after the effective date of the amendments means that the Program Participant agrees with these amendments.

The Program Participant shall undertake not to disclose the password from his / her personal account to any third parties. The Program Member hereby acknowledges that he / she shall be responsible for all transactions, whether it is the accrual of Points to his / her account or the deduction of Points from his / her account.

1.2. Registration as the Program Participant

Registration as the Program Participant

The Client may join the Program in one of the ways listed below:

- at the check-in desk at the Hotel where he lives;
- by registering on the website;
- in any other way available to the Client for a given period of time.

At the time of the Client registration as the Program Participant, the Client shall agree with the processing, use, transfer, including cross-border, use and storage of his / her personal data, the list of which is contained in the questionnaire and / or in the personal account to the Program Participant, AZIMUT Hotels Companies, the Program Partners, as well as to third parties.

The Client shall undertake to provide all necessary and mandatory data requested at the time of registration in the Program, and to accept these General Terms of Use of the Program when registering either online or at the Hotel, depending on the conditions of registration.

Starting from the General Terms of Use of the Program acceptance, the Program Participant will have access to all the Program benefits and Privileges, including various functionalities of the website (access to Points, verification of a personal account, redemption of Points, etc.) and identification on all web websites and in all call centers of the AZIMUT Hotels chain, when booking.

1.3. Program Participant’s Personal Account

The Personal Account shall allow the Program Participant to:

- view his / her Points balance, Countable Nights balance, booking history and his / her Status;
- be identified as the Program Participant on the website and mobile services;
- enter information about his / her preferences for accommodation and any other preferences, favorite brands and destinations;
- track the history of his / her bookings and make amendments to existing bookings
- subscribe to receive newsletters from AZIMUT Hotels Companies about AZIMUT Bonus and the AZIMUT Hotels chain, as well as view his / her subscriptions online; and
- get access to individual offers and services available only to Program Participants.


In order to enjoy the relevant Privileges, the Program Participant shall be obliged to indicate the number of his / her card each time he / she wants to use any services, and / or present the card on physical or electronic media, and / or provide its number at check-in and arrival at the Hotel. Compliance with these requirements shall be contingent on receiving Program privileges.

In case of loss or theft of the Member's card, the Program Participant shall be obliged to notify the AZIMUT Hotels Company.


Any violation by the Program Participant of the General Conditions of the Program and / or established rules of conduct and accommodation at the Hotel, as well as the Rules for the provision of hotel services, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of November 18, 2020 No. 1853, abuse or fraud in relation to the Program Participant card or Points, any false information, any actions that cause harm or damage to the Hotel, its staff and / or guests, as well as any indecent behavior determined as such at the sole discretion of AZIMUT Hotels Companies, may be the basis for the temporary suspension of the Participant's membership in the Program or for cancellation of his / her membership without prior notice and without the compensation payment, with the subsequent liquidation of the Points accrued to the Program Participant card. The list of grounds on which the Program Participant may be excluded from the Program shall be open.


When the Program Participant stays at one of the Hotels for at least one paid night, the corresponding Points and the number of nights corresponding to his / her stay will be credited to his / her account upon the fact of the stay, provided that such accommodation provides for such accrual. Day Stays shall only earn Points, Countable Nights shall not be counted.

For the purposes of earning Points outside the Russian Federation, the amounts of invoices paid in any other currency will be converted before the application of the Points accrual scales at the time of check-out at the exchange rate set by the AZIMUT Hotels Company.

Points and Countable Nights shall not be non-transferrable, shall be strictly nominal and cannot be sold, donated, assigned, etc.

Points shall have no material value; there shall not be any monetary compensation for lost or unused Points.

If the Guest registers in the program no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of checking out from the Hotel, the company shall undertake to accrue points/nights for this stay, subject to loyalty program other conditions.

4.1. Booking Channels that provide for the accrual of Points and Countable Nights

Stays booked at rates that give the right to receive Points and Countable Nights through the sales channels of the AZIMUT Hotels chain (AZIMUT Hotels websites, AZIMUT Hotels booking center, Hotels, as well as the websites of the OJSCo “RZD-ZDOROVIE” and its branches) and travel agencies using GDS program, automatically connected to the AZIMUT Hotels booking center, allows Participants to accumulate Points and Countable Nights.

Stays booked through tour operators or third-party online travel agents (for example,,, etc.) shall NOT earn Points or accumulate Countable Nights in order to get a status.

4.2. Rates that earn Points

Only stays booked at rates that earn Points shall be eligible for Program Benefits.

The total number of consecutive nights spent in the same Hotel, regardless of check-out or re-registration of the guest during this period, shall be meant by "stay".

Rates that earn Points shall include all public and promotional rates, as well as special and open discount rates booked only on, but shall NOT include the following:

  • accommodation rates for group bookings with a joint bill for accommodation;
  • special rates for long stays of seven nights or more;
  • corporate rates purchased for non-cash payments;
  • special rates that may be offered to employees of our partners (travel industry, tourism, etc.), also referred to as "Partner Rates";
  • crew fares (airlines, ships, etc.);
  • rates for rates of AZIMUT Hotels Companies, as well as rates for employees of companies affiliated with by the AZIMUT Hotels Company and suppliers of AZIMUT Hotels;
  • rates for tour operators and wholesale/tour operator packages;
  • travel agency discounted or FIT rates;
  • toll-free numbers or numbers provided by barter;
  • NET group rates, Series group rates;
  • Bookings on third party websites, including online travel agency rates (regardless of the rate paid); and
  • bookings through unidentified channels where the brand may not be known at the time of purchase.

Points shall not be awarded for the VAT amount.

4.3. Rates that provide for the accrual of Nights

The total number of consecutive nights spent in the same Hotel, regardless of check-out or re-registration of the guest during this period, shall be meant by "stay".

Rates that provide for the accrual of Nights, but not providing for the accrual of Points, shall include the following:

  • rates for business travel agencies;
  • net rates for business travel;
  • rates FIT for travel agencies:
  • special rates for long stays of seven nights or more.

4.4. Expenses that qualify for earning Points

Only the following expenses shall be eligible to earn Points, provided that these expenses are paid by the Participant directly staying at the Hotel:

  • the cost of the Participant's accommodation to the Program in a Hotel room and, if applicable, the cost of another room in the same Hotel on the same day (total of a maximum of two billable rooms), provided that (i) the Participant lives in one of those two numbers and (ii) that the second room is not occupied by another Participant. It should be noted that although the Program Participant may earn Points for living expenses in two rooms, Countable Nights only shall count for the room occupied by the Program Participant;
  • expenses for payment of additional services, including mini-bar, breakfast, telephone conversations, room service, pay TV, restaurant and bar in the Hotel, provided that these expenses are included in the hotel stay payment invoice.

The Points amount shall be calculated based on the total amount of expenses on the issued invoice, excluding taxes. Such an invoice must be paid in full, i.e., the payment shall be accepted and confirmed by the Hotel. Therefore, if a Participant fails to pay all or any part of an invoice, including but not limited to and if they block payment or object to a credit card payment, no Points or Countable Nights will be awarded on that To the Program Participant account, or are subject to cancellation in the event that they were accrued before such blocking or contesting of the payment.

The rules regarding the earning of Points for the expenses listed below (provided that these expenses are included in the bill for accommodation) differ depending on each Hotel infrastructure:

  • business center services;
  • shopping in the store (SMART SHOP) and souvenir shops;
  • spa products and services;
  • health resort services;
  • parking; and
  • laundry.

The following expenses do not qualify for earning Points:

  • taxes (in particular VAT), tips, taxi services, transfers to/from the Hotel, service charges and other applicable charges;
  • advance payments;
  • expenses incurred in organizing conferences, banquets or any other event; and
  • all fees and expenses not listed as eligibility for Points.

4.5. Points Accrual Scheme

The program offers four Statuses: Bonus, Silver, Gold and Platinum, which are assigned according to the number of Countable Nights spent at the Hotel or the number of Points earned.

Each Status shall have its own earning Points scheme and coefficient, as shown in the table below, based on 1 ruble of expenses* that are the basis for earning Points.

*For Hotels outside the Russian Federation, the amount spent shall be recalculated based on the established exchange rate at the time of the Client's departure from the Hotel.

BONUS 1 0.5
SILVER 1.2 0.6
GOLD 1.3 0.65
PLATINUM 1.5 0.75

** Hotels under the A-Hotel brand shall not participate in the Program

In the event that the Program Participant's Status changes between booking and check-out at the Hotel, the rules of the Status at the time of check-out shall be applied to earn Points. For stays of multiple nights in a row, the Program Participant shall earn one Points accrual on payment of the full bill.

4.6. Receiving Points from Program Partners

There is also an opportunity to receive Points/Bonuses/Miles from the Program Partners in accordance with the specific conditions of each Partner, which can be found in the AZIMUT Bonus section on the website.

Simultaneous crediting/use of AZIMUT Bonus points and points of AZIMUT Hotels Partners shall not be possible.

Discounts under the Program cannot be combined with discounts on other special offers from AZIMUT Hotels Companies or Program Partners.

4.7. Special Offers and Promotions

The Program Participants may also earn Points through special offers or promotions from AZIMUT Hotels. However, Points will only be awarded subject to the specific terms and conditions announced to the Program Participants that apply to each of these offers or to each such promotion.

4.8. Status Validity Period

The Status validity period and, accordingly, the AZIMUT Bonus membership is 365 days from the date of the event that became the basis for accruing Points and obtaining a status in the loyalty program. The duration of the Status shall be extended by 365 days each time the Program Participant stays at the Hotel and such stay shall provide for the assignment of a new Status, different from the previous one, due to the receipt of points for the stay.

If, within 365 days from the date of status assignment, the Program Participant shall have not been able to accumulate the required number of Points and/or Nights to confirm the Status in the loyalty program, his Status will be reduced by one level on the loyalty scale, and the Points on his account will be saved.

In the event that the Program Participant does not stay at any of the Hotels within 365 days, then all of his Points will be canceled, regardless of the source of their receipt, without prior notice and without the possibility of their restoration or service at the expense of Points, and the Status will be reduced by one level on the loyalty scale.

The AZIMUT Hotels Company shall reserve the right to suspend or terminate participation in the AZIMUT Bonus program of any persons, including Silver, Gold or Platinum Participants, in respect of which the use of the Program, its purpose or any of its components has been identified in violation of the terms and conditions of the Program. AZIMUT Hotels Company shall also reserve the right to terminate participation in the Program of persons who, in the opinion of AZIMUT Hotels Companies or for good reason, are suspected of:

a. violation of both the legislation of the country of residence of The Program Participant and the Russian Federation legislation,
b. the Program Terms violation,
c. engage in dishonest conduct, theft, fraud or any other misconduct with an account or Points, including without limitation any of the Program Participant benefits,
d. any unworthy, inappropriate, harmful or damaging, abusive or hostile behavior towards any AZIMUT Hotels, its guests, employees or towards AZIMUT Hotels Companies, its employees and partners; or
e. non-payment of invoices issued by the AZIMUT Hotels Company or any AZIMUT Hotels.

Such termination of participation may become the basis for the cancellation of all accumulated bonus points, benefits and privileges of the AZIMUT Bonus program, including the loss of status of any category. In addition to termination of participation in the AZIMUT Bonus program, AZIMUT Hotels Company may take any other remedies in case of harm to AZIMUT Hotels Companies or any AZIMUT Hotels Hotel in accordance with applicable law.


At any time during their membership in the Program, the Program Participant may be promoted to a higher Rank by accumulating the required threshold number of Countable Nights or Points as shown in the table below:

SILVER 10 70 000
GOLD 30 150 000
PLATINUM 50 300 000

After one year has elapsed from the date the status was assigned to the Program Participant, the final balance of Countable Nights and/or Points earned by the Program Participant over the past year shall be determined.

In the event that, within one year from the date of receipt of the card / assignment of a new status, the Participant has not reached the established threshold that allows him to maintain the current Status, then for the next calendar year he / she will be assigned a Status one level lower than that assigned in the past year, in accordance with the above scale. The use of points during the set period shall not affect the retention or change of the Status


6.1. Benefits and services of the Program intended for all Participants of the Program.

Only the Program Participant himself / herself – the holder of the loyalty card who made the reservation - can receive the Privileges due to the Status.

Such Benefits shall only be available if the Program Participant's stay is eligible for Points or Points redeemable stays, except for Day Use bookings (as defined in these terms and conditions) and shall be valid only for the Program Participants and the room in which the Program Participant resides.

More detailed information about such Privileges can be found in the AZIMUT Bonus section or in your personal account on the website

6.2. Upgrading room category

The Program Participants with Gold status and above can be upgraded to the next room category (i.e., one category) for the duration of their stay. This benefit is free of charge, subject to room availability on the day of arrival, only for the stay of the Program Participant who made the booking, and is determined on a case-by-case basis by each Hotel participating in the program. In the case of booking multiple rooms by the Program Participant, the upgrade will only applies only to one room in which the Participant himself lives.

6.3. Free Room Availability Guarantee

Free Room availability shall be guaranteed for Platinum Participants prior to arrival at the Hotel subject to the following special conditions:

  • the guarantee shall cover only the availability of a free room, not a particular type of room;
  • A reservation (check-in) shall be made before 12 noon local time in the country where the Hotel is located, as well as at least two days before the planned date of arrival at the Hotel;
  • The Participant shall request a room availability guarantee at the time of booking;
  • The room availability guarantee applies only to stays booked through AZIMUT Hotels sales channels and paid at the standard or full rate for one room (The Program Participant’s room). In the event that the Program Participant booked multiple rooms, the room guarantee shall only be valid for the room in which the Program Participant will be staying, not for additional rooms.; in the event that the Hotel fails to comply with the above guarantee, it shall undertake to relocate the Program Participant to another AZIMUT Hotels chain Hotel or to a Hotel of a similar category. When the Participant moves to a Hotel that is not part of the AZIMUT Hotels chain, the Hotel that guaranteed the availability of the room reimburses to the Program Participant (upon presentation of the Program Participant's invoice and a document confirming payment of such an invoice) the difference in the price for accommodation on the first night, as well as incurred transportation costs within the same city. All accommodation costs for that night (the price paid by the Program Participant for staying at another Hotel) will be the basis for Points and Countable Nights calculation;
  • the room availability guarantee shall apply to all Hotels, with the exception of sanatoriums of the OJSCo ‘RZD-ZDOROVIE”; and
  • The room availability guarantee shall not be valid for some dates. The Program Participant can check with the Hotel for a calendar of dates that are not covered by the room guarantee. The contact phone number of the Hotel is indicated on the website in the Contacts section.

6.4. 20% discount in the Hotel restaurants and bars

This privilege is available to Program Participants with Platinum status staying at the Hotel only in restaurants and bars belonging to this Hotel, with the exception of the sanatoriums of the OJSCo ‘RZD-ZDOROVIE”. The discount for this privilege cannot be combined with other discounts and special offers in the restaurants and bars of the Hotel. The application of a 20% discount and the accrual of points to the Participant's bonus account for this service is possible only if the account for the Guest's room is closed when leaving the Hotel. The Program Participant can check with the Hotel if this benefit is available.

6.5. Free breakfast

The benefit shall be granted to the To the Program Participant Platinum who made the booking and one registered guest staying with the By the Program Participant in a room per stay. For multiple room bookings, only registrants staying in the same room as the By the Program Participant who made the booking can use the complimentary breakfast. This privilege is available only in restaurants owned by the Hotel and does not apply to Hotels that do not offer rates without breakfast, as well as to the sanatoriums of the OJSCo ‘RZD-ZDOROVIE”. The Program Participant can check with the Hotel if this benefit is available.

If a Participant selects a rate that includes breakfast at the time of booking, there will be no deduction for breakfast from the total amount (or a refund if the reservation was prepaid).


The Program Participants may use their Points in the following ways:

(1) Points can be used to book stays at the applicable rate indicated in the points at participating Hotels available on the website or in the AZIMUT Hotels mobile application.
(2) when booking on the website and/or websites of accommodation facilities participating in the Program, or through the AZIMUT Hotels mobile application, you can use up to 500,000 Points at a time.
(3) in the case of using Points to receive accommodation paid in any other currency, except for rubles, currency conversion is carried out at the established exchange rate of AZIMUT Hotels Companies at the time of check-out of the Guest from the Hotel. (4) Points rates published on may not be available for booking on certain calendar dates.

A refund of deducted but not used Points by the AZIMUT Hotels Company to the Program Participant's account shall be possible in the following cases:

a) in case of cancellation of the reservation by the Participant one day before arrival at the Hotel - for rates with the possibility of canceling and changing the reservation;
b) if the Program Participant changes a booking and as a result requires fewer Points than the original booking, for rates with the ability to cancel and change the booking (unless the Program Participant has already checked in);
c) in case the Program Participant does not show up at the Hotel, for rates with the possibility of cancellation and modification of the reservation (charged for the first night of stay).

Points shall not be returned if:

a) The Program Participant cancels or modifies a booking at a rate that shall not allow for this;
b) The Program Participant cancels the reservation after 18:00 on the day of arrival.

Points redeemed stays cannot be counted towards reward points. The receipt of Bonuses from Partners (in particular, the conversion into points of other loyalty programs) is governed by the relevant conditions established by each Partner (number of points required to receive the Bonus, dates, availability, etc.). Transfers of Program Points to programs of Partners that allow such transactions can only be made to an account in the Partner Program registered in a name that matches the name of the Program Participant. These conditions can be found on the page of the website dedicated to the Partners of the Program.

Under no circumstances, the use of AZIMUT Bonus Points shall be the basis for receiving funds in any form, including without providing for a monetary refund, or exchange, or conversion into cash, etc.

For the purposes of redeeming Points, the Program Participant shall agree that the information and transactions recorded on the computer systems used by the AZIMUT Hotels Company will constitute evidence of those transactions taking place until proven otherwise.


LLC "AZIMUT Hotels Company" in connection with the introduction of a new Loyalty Program AZIMUT Bonus in the resorts of the OJSCo “RZD-ZDOROVIE” from July 01, 2022:

(1) Carries out the statuses issuance to the Participants of the loyalty program "Honored guest - all the privileges for you!" in the AZIMUT Bonus loyalty program at the Participants’ requests until December 31, 2022 inclusive. The statuses issuance in the AZIMUT Bonus Program shall be carried out according to the rules as follows:

Guests without an "Honored Guest - all the privileges for you!" card Bonus

(2) Maintains the current status of the Program Participant in the Program for 12 months from the date of transfer to the new Program. After the expiration of the specified period, one or another status shall be assigned to the Program Participant according to the number of Countable Nights spent in Hotels and Resorts of the AZIMUT Hotels chain, or the number of Points earned.

(3) Does not transfer the nights spent and the total cost of applications under the loyalty program "Honored guest - all the privileges for you!" to the AZIMUT Bonus loyalty program.

(4) Limits the validity period of plastic cards "Honored guest - all privileges for you!" until July 1, 2022 for bookings made after 07/01/2022. From July 1, 2022, the Participant can use his electronic number in the AZIMUT Bonus Loyalty Program, which he received after registering in the Personal Account and act in accordance with clause 2 of the Program Rules. If the booking was made before 07/01/2022, then The Program Participant can use the privileges under the loyalty program "Honored guest - all the privileges for you!" until July 01, 2023.


9.1. Claims Against Hotels

In the event that, after 7 days or more of the Program Participant's departure from the Hotel, Points have not been properly earned, he / she will be entitled to claim the points due to him within 3 months from the time of his / her stay at the Hotel (based on the date of his / her check-out from the Hotel). In order to make such a claim, the Program Participant shall submit a request in the Claim Missing Points section from his / her personal account on the website. In order for the Program Participant's request to be considered, a copy of the paid invoice for accommodation at the relevant Hotel shall be attached to it. Such invoice shall not contain handwritten notes, nevertheless, it shall contain only the information entered on this invoice by the Hotel, and should be issued in the name of the Program Participant making the claim. After reviewing the claim with proper supporting documentation within 14 business days, the Program Participant's account will or will not be credited with the correct amount of Points.

9.2. Claims against the Program Partners

For any questions related to the accrual of Points earned from Program Partners, the Program Participant shall send a request through his / her personal account on the website, attaching all supporting documents.

Such a claim may be brought by the Program Participant no earlier than 50 days from the date of receipt of the Partner's service. The deadline for filing such a claim shall differs for different Partners and is specified in the AZIMUT Bonus section in the Terms and Conditions on the website.

When converting Points into points of other programs or into air miles, AZIMUT Hotels Company ceases to bear any responsibility after confirmation of the application for such conversion by the Partner's program. If Points have been debited from the Program Participant's account, but the relevant Points or Miles have not been credited to a Partner's program account within 50 days, the Program Participant shall contact the Program Participant's program administrator within the time limits set by that program.


10.1. Participation cancellation by the Program Participant

A Participant may terminate his / her participation in the Program at any time. To do this, he / she shall just need to send a request through his / her personal account on the website or an official request from the AZIMUT Hotels Companies by e-mail at:

10.2. Membership Suspension or Cancellation by the AZIMUT Hotels Company

Any use of the AZIMUT Bonus card that does not comply with these General Conditions of Participation in the Program may be, at the discretion of AZIMUT Hotels Companies, the basis for the following measures:

- temporary suspension of the Participant's membership for a period at the discretion of AZIMUT Hotels Companies.
- cancellation of membership, card, privileges and Bonuses, account closure and liquidation of all accumulated Points without the Participant's right to claim any compensation in any capacity.

10.3. Participation Suspension Consequences

During the Suspension Period, the Program Participant shall not be able to redeem their points in accordance with the conditions set out in clause 4 of the Program General Terms and Conditions.

During the Suspension Period and no later than its expiration date, the Program Administrator may decide to:

- cancel the suspension – in which case the Program Participant will again be able to enjoy the benefits and services that are due to the Participants and use their Points; or - announce the participation cancellation.

10.4. Consequences of the participation cancellation

In any case of the participation cancellation, the participation termination in the Program implies the complete removal of the Program Participant from the Program and the termination of any relationship between by the AZIMUT Hotels Company regarding the Program and the Program Participant. This will also result in the deletion of all Points accumulated up to the date of such cancellation.


The Program Participant shall be able to view all information related to his / her participation in the Program (including the balances of Points, the balance of Countable Nights and the functioning of his account) on the website in his personal account. You are hereby reminded that, in accordance with paragraph 4.1 of the Program, by becoming the Program Participant, you will begin to receive electronic messages about the Program (information messages, Point statements, etc.). If the Program Participant no longer wishes to receive information that is an integral part of the Program, he / she shall be obliged to ask about his / her will to cancel participation in the Program (see paragraph 10.1 of the Program).

Any Program Participant who joins the Program shall agree to receive information by e-mail from AZIMUT Hotels Companies, including information about promotions available only to Program Participants. If The Program Participant no longer wishes to receive information by e-mail, he / she may at any time unsubscribe from receiving information by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of the messages, or through his personal account.

The Program Participant shall undertake to notify of a change in his email address, name or other information that may be needed to contact y the Program Participant through his / her personal account on the website.


All personal data of the Program Participant is processed by the AZIMUT Hotels Company, which will be the administrator of such Program. The protection of such data is ensured in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Regulation.

By registering as the AZIMUT Bonus Program Participant, making a reservation, staying at the AZIMUT Hotels, using services under the AZIMUT brand, providing the data for the above purposes, the Participant shall agree that the AZIMUT Hotels Company may transfer the Participant's personal data to in any volume to any country in the world and to any third parties solely in pursuance of these General Conditions and / or agreements concluded by the Program Participant with any other third party, and / or agreements concluded by the AZIMUT Hotels Company with any third party pursuant to the Program General Terms of Use.

The Program Participant's consent to the processing of his / her personal data shall come into force from the moment of his participation in the Program and is valid indefinitely until the withdrawal of personal data by sending a written request to AZIMUT Hotels Companies in accordance with clause 10.1 of the Program or by sending such a request at:

The Program Participants shall have the right to access, request and correct their personal data.


Joining the Program shall imply the unconditional acceptance of the General Terms of Participation in the Program by the Participants, the Program Participant consent to the processing of all his / her personal data that he / she provides and which is objectively necessary for AZIMUT Hotels Companies to fulfill the obligations assumed under the General Terms to By the Program Participant. These General Terms of Use of the Program shall take precedence over any previous documents published earlier in the AZIMUT Bonus section.

In the event of a dispute arising between the Program Participant and the AZIMUT Hotels Company regarding the General Terms of Use of the Program, the Program Participant may contact AZIMUT Hotels Company through his / her personal account on the website or send an official letter to: If shall be impossible to resolve the dispute through negotiations within 60 calendar days from the date of the Participant's first application, the Program Participant may apply any other remedies.


All additional and clarifying information about the Program, in particular, about the additional services offered by each individual Hotel-by the Program Participant, and about the Program Partners’ benefits can be found on the website.