About sanatorium

Essentuki is a unique drinking and balneological resort with a continental mild climate and rich flora and fauna. The sanatorium AZIMUT Health Dolina Narzanov Essentuki is located in the center of the city of Yessentuki, next to the picturesque resort park (50 m), where the sources of the famous water "Yessentuki"are located.

What's nearby

  • Lermontov places in Pyatigorsk
    Center of Zheleznovodsk
    Center of Essentuki
    Mount "Ring-Castle"
    Honey Waterfalls
    Blue lakes (with swimming in hot springs)
    Elbrus region < br> Arkhyz (temples of the X century)
  • Essentuki Railway Station
    Mineralnye Vody Airport
  • Drinking and balneological resort


Is it possible to book a room on a specific floor and with a view of the park, how much does it cost?
You can leave information with the wish of the floor or room, it does not require additional payment.
Do the USB-HDMI ports work in the TV?
Is it possible to order food and drinks in the room?
Is there a children's room in the sanatorium?
The room is currently under renovation.
Nothing found for your request
Phone number
+7 (87934) 6-00-35 Служба приема и размещения
+7 (8793) 46-25-54 Медицинский центр

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