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The Dolina Narzanov Zheleznovodsk Health Resort lies in the foothill of the Mount Beshtau, 5 km away from Zheleznovodsk. The huge forest of deciduous trees surrounds the health resort: oaks, hornbeams, lindens, ash trees, beeches are found here. The lush forest makes the air exceptionally fresh and humid. The air is free of dust and pollutants and rich in oxygen. The trees are the natural source of biologically active compounds called the phytoncides, which prevent the spreading of microorganisms capable of causing disease.
The resort enjoys a remarkable bioclimate: the summers are not too hot, the winters are moderate, temperature fluctuations throughout the day are almost negligible, the average temperature in July is 21°C. According to biologists the region contains over 1,300 botanical species, 125 of them being medicinal plants. Due to a marvelous ecological balance the local forests are inhabited by deer, roe deer and multiple species of small animals.
The Dolina Narzanov Zheleznovodsk is a balneotherapeutic health resort. We specialize in treatment and prevention of kidney issues, urinary tract infections and urological diseases. The local mineral waters help with the treatment. The deeper the water is deposited, the more valuable minerals it contains. Near Zheleznovodsk the water is deposited at the depth of approx. one and a half kilometers below surface, making it one of the deepest mineral water deposits in the country.

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