Plasma therapy is the use of plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood for medicinal or cosmetic purposes. Obtaining material from your own blood ensures the safety of treatment, since there is no danger of infection during the procedure.

Currently, several methods of plasma therapy are known and successfully implemented in medicine, the most common of them – plasmolifting. When plasmolifting, a method of separating whole plasma is used, similar to that when performing standard laboratory tests: conventional centrifuges and test tubes are used.

Plasma therapy is successfully used in various fields of medicine, from traumatology to cosmetology, showing good results in the treatment of chronic diseases and in the correction of skin imperfections.

Plasma normalizes tissue respiration, water balance, stimulates the appearance of fibroblasts — connective tissue cells — increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, activates metabolism.

Plasmolifting starts renewal processes at a deep level, and therefore gives an impressive and long-term effect:

  • smoothing wrinkles, preventing the appearance of new ones
  • radiant and healthy skin color
  • deep level hydration
  • acne treatment
  • cooperosis treatment
  • lightening and removing pigmentation
  • slows down hair loss (when used on the scalp)
  • elimination of dandruff, acceleration of hair growth, reduction of oiliness (when used on the scalp)

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